Crossword Puzzles and Domain Hacking

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at thinking outside of the box, but I’m a horrible speller so when I find a dictionary made to help you solve crossword puzzles, a big light bulb over my head turns on and I think about domain hacking.

Let’s say you recently discovered that the Swiss country code TLD is “ch” and they don’t have any residency restrictions. So you say to yourself “hmm self I wonder what really cool words end in the letters CH“. You come up with half a dozen but think to yourself “hmm self there has to be a better way”. So you head on over to the Search Dictionary enter the letters CH select [ends with] and sort by frequency (see example URL). You find a few that look interesting and head over to and see what’s available.

There are lots and lots of other ways you could use a tool like this if you’re willing to exercise the gray cells.

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