When is Using Microsites a Good Idea

Microsites are often abused and looked down on as a tactic in the SEO world. They get used for the wrong situations, the wrong reasons, and to solve the wrong types of problems. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the bad ways Microsites get used and some of the ways you could use them to your advantage.

How To Make Your Homepage More Dynamic

One of the problems I encounter on large client websites–or with clients who constantly add or update existing content–is getting this content into the index as quickly as possible. One of the tactics I recommend is using the homepage.

Superficial Crawling SEO Strategies

On WebmasterWorld people are discussing big daddy strategies, and on SEORountable they are highlighting how this is becoming a problem for directories. No discussion about Google’s new crawling method would be complete without also looking at Matt Cutts on the indexing timeline. While to some extent things are still in flux, I think we’ve hit a turning point for SEO, … [Continue reading Superficial Crawling SEO Strategies]