How to Build an Affiliate Website Google Doesn’t Hate

In over a decade of working on websites I’ve see a lot of affiliate websites. Some were good but a lot were very bad. In this post, I’ll share my experiences about what I think Google is looking for and the common traits of things I’ve seen fail.

How to Mask Affiliate Links

How to mask affiliate links is one of the most common questions new affiliates often ask. In this post, we will take a look at the hows and whys of why you should mask affiliate links and how to do it effectively, with an eye towards maintaining long term low maintenance.

Can Google Detect an Affiliate Website

One of the questions that often comes up is does Google hate affiliate websites, and are they penalized in the algorithm?

Two New Plugins Worth Checking Out from Linkshare and EzineArticles

As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of plugins. They help me manage and run WordPress more efficiently and GTD. I’ve got a list of SEO Plugins for WordPress, which is on living URL (hmm… 2008. Guess I need to update that…). Last week, I came across two new plugins that are different. I think they really help WordPress take … [Continue reading Two New Plugins Worth Checking Out from Linkshare and EzineArticles]

Why Google HQ Loves Thin Affiliates

Despite what you may have read, Google secretly has a love affair with thin affiliates. Like a techie and Gizmodo, Google can’t get enough of affiliate marketers who build sites with no value add. If Google has its own internal Twitter, Eric Schmidt would tweet, “I heart affs who rely on search to power their business model.” Why?

Eclipse Link Cloaker Review

In the past I’ve written about Why I think Affiliates should Cloak Their Links from search engines. I’ve even spoken a few times about how to do it and recommended plugins like GoCodes to help you get from here to there. GoCodes is fine if you aren’t running through a ton of links, or if you use the same links frequently. However … [Continue reading Eclipse Link Cloaker Review]