Stop Abusing Social Media to Create Digital Vapor and Boost Your Ego

One of the problems I have with people who work in the social media space is that they use it simply to boost their own ego. It’s time for some tough love, creating linkbait in the SEO social media space is like joining in an incestuous circle jerking link orgy. While there is some content that has value, 95% of the work is meaningless for any thing other than self satisfaction.

If you’re one of those people writing 3.1416 ways to optimize your blog titles with wordpress plugin THX-1137 and you’ll triple your subscribers with some meaningless traffic ponzi scheme, I’m talking to you. Are you really creating and writing something of value that hasn’t already been said before? If you hesitate for even a second thinking about it, I think you need to re-examine your approach.

When I make criticism like this, people often reply hey Gray I’m not writing for you, I’m writing for my current or potential clients to show them we understand the space and how things work. To that I respond how things work in SEO-land is not anything like how they work in the rest of the world. Getting links in SEO-ville is much easier than getting links in competitive industries like finance or health & fitness.

If you’re really interested in pitching a job to a potential client, which do you think is more impressive, the traffic you got to your SEO blog from your egobait, or how you took a travel blog less than 30 days old and brought it 30,000 visitors in one weekVisits for all visitors - Google Analytics.

Do you think your client wants to see examples of you promoting yourself, or see click-heatmaps showing the 20,000 people who came from a social media site visited other pages and hit the back button after the first page, because it was completly off topic for a B2B website?

cool off gadgets (108724) — Crazy Egg

Ask yourself this question are you better off spending your time building something for yourself, that has commercial value, and will build you a passive income from defensible traffic? Or should you spend your time creating a personality based on digital vapor, that has no long term value, and zero chances of ever rescouping time/energy/effort you put into it?

If you do, then go ahead spend your afternoon concentrating on writing yet another post thats been done 52 times before, it makes it so much easier for me to play in commercial spaces when there is less competition.

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