What are You Doing With Your Social Media Traffic?

While I may have some level of notoriety within the SEO community and internet marketing space, once you step out of that area, I’m a nobody as writer Paul Carr so eloquently pointed out last week. Robert Scoble the original poster boy of blogging, is known far and wide by the tech community, but who gets more traffic, me or him?

Below is a screen shot from Compete.com of my traffic compared to Rober Scoble’s.

7312009_60043 PM

For the past four months he’s been on a steady drop in traffic, while I’ve been on an increase. The last two months according to compete I’ve gotten more traffic than he has. Should I get a publicist for the inevitable bit of web celebrity which is probably on my doorstep right now … hardly.

The problem with a lot of the services like compete and hitwise is they estimate traffic, while they are good with trends over a long term they really aren’t an accurate measurement of traffic. How can I say that, here my actual monthly stats from Google analytics for the past year.

7312009_60640 PM

So compete estimates I’m getting between 100,000 and 165,000 unique visitors, my analytics tells me I’m getting between 30,000 and 50,000. All analytics packages involve a bit of estimating and guesswork, but one that’s on the site is always going to be more accurate than one that’s off the site, in this case compete is over estimating my traffic by a factor of three or more. However what compete got right is that my traffic has been increasing the past few month. So they got the real numbers wrong but the trend is correct.

Truthfully I have no idea how much traffic scoble is getting to know if he is getting more than I am, but I would be willing to bet his traffic has been declining over the past few months. What makes me say that, his obsession with social media networks like friendfeed. He’s made a conscious decision to drive his traffic to a website he doesn’t own. As he doesn’t make money directly from his website, it’s not that crucial, but what about you?

  • If you’re involved in any sort of social media activities, are you using to drive traffic to your website?
  • Do you know why Digg’s decision to frame every website is important?
  • If you’re spending the time building a power twitter account can you drive traffic where and when you want?

Traffic is only one metric in social media but it’s an important one.

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