New Twitter Account @graywolfseo

Now that twitter lists have taken off and are being utilized, and in some cases are replacing RSS readers, I’m going to try to take advantage by experimenting with a new account @graywolfseo.Some of the common complaints I get are that I am chatty, meander about, post too many cooking, disney, or other non SEO related tweets. If that describes your feelings  then go ahead and follow @graywolfseo. The plan is to use it to post things from this blog and other interesting marketing, search engine, or social media links without being conversational. Lot’s of people think social media without the conversations is a social media fail, but I disagree, I think you can make it work.

So which account should you follow @graywolf or @graywolfseo? It’s up to you, follow both and if you find one annoying unsubscribe from it, my feelings won’t be hurt … much ;-). There will be some cross posting but I will keep it to a minimum, there will be more links there that aren’t in the main account. Give it a week and let me know what you think.
photo credit: [email protected]!

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