Building Linkbait Outside of the Box

While everyone concentrates on content linkbait one thing many people over look is physical linkbait.

Physical linkbait involves creating, building, or highlighting things in the physical world. One example is the TV bedroom installation shown below.

While that case is on the extreme side there are lots of other options. For example FedexFurniture show how an enterprising college student built furniture out of FedEx boxes (yes he did get a in a legal battle so go with the concept but steer clear of trademark issues). Building things out of Lego building blocks has always been popular on social media sites.

However you’ve probably seen that before, how about some uncharted territory? Food is always interesting if you have skills (or are working for a catering, restaurant or other food services client). Need an idea for woodworking or metal shop or welding client, monitor and case mods are always popular. Got a lingerie shop why not dress your car in a thong (seriously don’t forget to put a URL on the whale tail … like duh).

Convincing a client they have to spend extra money creating something in the physical world isn’t always easy, but it has the advantage of being much harder to duplicate …

tla starter kit


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