DaveR Twitter and the Disney Job I’ll Never Get

So I’m cruising through twitter this AM and I get a message from DaveR about a job he thinks he’s found for me. Now my first thought was Dave sent me a link to the Disney Chief Magic Officer job, which is very cool, but more of a ceremonial position more than anything else. However what he actually sent was a more interesting, more frustrating, and to be quite honest … insulting.

The job that Dave sent was for an SEO Manager at Walt Disney . I make no secret of my love for all things Disney, I think it’s cool when people send me interesting Disney links, and I’m even on a one man campaign to get Danny to hold an SMX show in Orlando, so he can finally get to experience what a real Disney park is like, not that tiny beta version in California (inside joke).

Now I’m not really looking for a new job, but it looks interesting so I scan down the page. Looks like I’m fully qualified for the job, until we hit that last line:


Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent … REALLY …. WTF?

Now I feel I’m a reasonably intelligent person, but the path that my life took led me to graduating near the bottom of my high school class, and taking some college courses, but I never got a degree. To be honest I don’t think most people need a degree. To be even more blunt, one of the major problems with schools is they stifle and punish creativity and original thinking, and reward mindless robotic compliance and “fitting in”, but I digress.

Here’s the bottom line, getting an education or being and educated person has zero correlation to being smart, getting things done, or making things happen. However we’re stuck in some bullshit bingo cycle, of college graduates perpetuating the myth you need a college education to get somewhere.

So Terry Cox, Search Engine Marketing Manager of the Walt Disney Company, perhaps it’s time to rethink your approach to hiring people, and find the people who are the most qualified, and not those who perpetuate the status quo …

ps (wonder if Matt Cutts is recommending me for the job now and pulling strings to get Terry’s email, figuring if I’m a happy camper working at Disney I’ll stop picking on Google so much …)

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