HCards, Microformats and Address Data does it Matter for SEO

A few weeks  ago @etnainteractive asked me a question on twitter about HCards and Microformats, and do they matter for SEO. I’m going to explain what they are for those of you who don’t know what thay is. I’m also going to be taking a bigger look at address data and SEO implications.

So I Made it Onto Some Silly List

So while I was away I made it onto the Most Influential Online Marketers of 2008 list. Not that I don’t appreciate everyone who was nice enought to vote for me, and all the hard work that went into putting a list like that together, but I wonder about the culture we create and want to live in where people … [Continue reading So I Made it Onto Some Silly List]

What Search Engine Conferences Should I Attend

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “which search conferences should I attend”. Seeing as conferences end up costing you between $3500-$5000 a pop when you include travel, lodging and meals I thought I’d share my experience.

DaveR Twitter and the Disney Job I’ll Never Get

So I’m cruising through twitter this AM and I get a message from DaveR about a job he thinks he’s found for me. Now my first thought was Dave sent me a link to the Disney Chief Magic Officer job, which is very cool, but more of a ceremonial position more than anything else. However what he actually sent was … [Continue reading DaveR Twitter and the Disney Job I’ll Never Get]

We Don’t Need Less Robert Scoble We Just a More Filtered and Relevant One

Vanessa recently spoke about Twitter By Phone, Now With Default Scoble, and I agree with her it’s a problem, however what we really need to do is deal with the cause of the problem not the symptom.

WebmasterWorld Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization

Since I received a few ‘hey are you ok it’s been more than 2 days since you blogged emails’ Thought I’d let you know I’m alive and doing well just buried under a mountain of work with some looming deadlines. I was also just appointed moderator of the Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization forum at WebmasterWorld. It’s a new … [Continue reading WebmasterWorld Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization]

Yes SEO’s Digg Hates You, They Really Really Hate You

In case you missed it SEOMoz had a piece on digg today Dear Digg.com: I’m going to save you a million dollars with three lines of code. Oh sure it bit sensational in title but the advice is sound, Matt tells Digg how to fix their “www” and non “www” cannocical issue. However some of the comments are: ArchieAndrews said … [Continue reading Yes SEO’s Digg Hates You, They Really Really Hate You]

Social Media – It’s the Backlinks Stupid

Since Google is giving away more backlink data, and I’ve been saying social media is really about getting the backlinks I thought It’s time to put up or shut up and show some stats.

Are You A Master Link Baiter or Just a Flasher

You know what linkbaiting has been getting a bum wrap lately. Everyone from Nick W, to Eric Ward, to a majority of the readers at copyblogger. Well I’m going to take the unpopular and politically incorrect stance of defending link bait.

Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic, Part II

In my initial post Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic, I posted some graphs showing how going viral built up my RSS subscribers. Yesterday I pushed out another viral post that did WAY better than I planned on it doing.

Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic

Late last year Darren Rowse on Problogger had a post about How to Build a ‘Digg Culture’ on your Blog. The post discuses how going viral can increase your reader/subscribers over time which build in long term defensible traffic. The graphs he used were hypothetical but accurate. Last week I created the situation so thought I’d show you some real … [Continue reading Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic]

Why the Digg Community Hates You

Jason pretty much nails it on this one, and if really want to understand social communities, not just abuse them you should read his post Will digg die the death of 1,000 cuts?

How to be a Dirty Digger

Ok I’ve been carrying this post around in my head for a while and am I’m finally going to spill it, here are my tips on how to completely screw your competition in a web 2.0 social media world.

Going Viral in a Social Web World

Two events caught on in the social seo web world today and I’d like to take a look at each them.

What is a Compilation Post

I came across a post today that was actually pretty interesting. I’ve been trying similar things but I think this execution was really good, for lack of a better name I’m going to call this a compilation post.

Bad Behavior at Netscape

I fully expected things to change over at Netscape when Jason left, but man things are getting really harsh over there. I’ve talked with at least half a dozen or so people in the past week who have had accounts banned. Some have even had entire account histories wiped out, and have been banned form creating new accounts based on … [Continue reading Bad Behavior at Netscape]

Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds

Without any intervention on my part my post on What’s one Digg Worth got submitted to Digg. I didn’t plan this story but it dropped in my lap so I’m running with it. It’s absolutely the goal when working your own stories for them to stay up as long as possible, the longer they’re up the more traffic and links … [Continue reading Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds]

What’s One Digg Worth

Back in October I conducted a little test to see what the value of making it to the homepage of Digg was actually worth, here are the results:

Social Photo Sites – Mindshare not Marketshare

According to hitwise, Photobucket has 44% of the market share and flickr only has 5% (see Hitwise US: PhotoBucket Leads Photo Sharing Sites; Flickr at #6). However looking at Flickr for Pubcon and finding 1000+ photos and then finding 0 photos on photobucket for pubcon, tells me who’s winning the mindshare of web publishers. The question that remains is are … [Continue reading Social Photo Sites – Mindshare not Marketshare]

Creating the Ultimate Digg Post

Recently I got to thinking, what would it take to create The Ultimate Digg Post?