Why You Should Listen to the GoodKarma on WebmasterRadio

Ok so I can get a hold Greg Niland almost anytime I want to. I can email him or give him a call, heck I had lunch with him and Rae on Saturday and am going to an Internet Marketers of New York dinner meeting with him tonight, so why the heck would I download and listen to his podcast on my iPod?

Well you see last week Greg did a show going over the basics. He devoted a whole show to the low level easy stuff everybody should be checking or monitoring on an ongoing basis. One of those happened to be checking that your contact form is working and people are answering. Well I answer all my own email here and I don’t outsource it to a legion of Graywolf Groupies (although if there are any I’d love to meet you). I get tons of email so I’d never notice my contact form being broken. It just so happens that someone wanted to get in touch with me tried the contact form and it didn’t work. However that person was smart enough to use my email address and go direct (they were also nice enough to tell me the form was broken). Fortunately I was able to fix my broken wordpress contact form and later that same day I got an email from a very major corporation (more about that later this week). Who knows how much mail I missed and how much business I lost because of a newbie mistake (BTW if you were trying to get a hold of me to sign that multi-billion dollar multi year deal, could you please resend it). So even old dogs are forgetful and make mistakes, so check out Greg’s podcast for some helpful tips.

PS: About 2 hours after fixing my contact form I started getting spammed to death so I upgraded to Secure and accessible PHP contact form for WORDPRESS

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