Web Based Email For More than One Address

In addition to playing with my feedreader I’ve also been playing with my email lately and I’m equally frustrated at not being able to do what I want.

Now I’m open to using a completely web based email or using an outlook/exchange server type setup. However the point where everything breaks down is sending from multiple addresses. For example if I have [email protected] forward into the [email protected] account I want to be able to reply as/from [email protected] Yes gmail does let you do this but only kind of. IF you send an email to someone using outlook you get the goofy “on behalf of” header (Danny explains it better here Gmail’s “Custom From” System Messed Up By “On Behalf Of” Headers). Sometimes it’s just as simple as me wanting to keep [email protected] as a role account not attached to a person. Other times I want to completely shield myself from a domain, for example I don’t want everyone to know [email protected] is me. I know I’m not the first or only one who wants this, so what are you other folks using?

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