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After what seems like forever (but is really only 4 days) my v7ndotcom elursrebmem entry finally ranks, coming in somewhere between 25 and 30 depending on what ranking tool and data center you happen to be using (SERP). However now that every SEO on the planet has a blog I thought I might cruise around the blogosphere and see how blogs are being used in the contest.

  • Jim Westergren – SEO, Web Developer, Philosopher and Author is using a blog for his white hat entry.
  • An Unknown Author – snagged a decent url over at the wordpress subdomain
  • Search Engine Journal – by Lauren Baker has some commentary that comes really close to meeting the requirements (heck add a link to Matt and you’re in.)
  • Mr. Football’s NFL Picks has an entry but is also missing the token matt link (go figure)
  • A different Aaron has blog that has commentary, but not sure if it’s an official entry or not, kinda hard to tell what’s going on on the page.
  • SEO Contests » Blog Archive – has a page full of no-follow links, kind of strange but whatever
  • Michael Nguyen’s – Social Patterns is a pleasure to look at after the last two blogs
  • Gadgetizer.com is short but sweet and hey I like the new standard RSS orange icony thing.
  • The Un-Official SEO Contest Fan Blog » Blog Archive will probably need a little help I don’t think a standard wordpress install with some remixed copy will hack it this time.
  • Dazzlin’ Donna’s SEO Scoop has pretty funny commentary on the whole thing

Well that’s 10 entries from blogland maybe we’ll visit some others as the contest progresses, gosh May seems far away doesn’t it? Lastly thanks to folks who helped spread the word about my giving the contest prize money to charity, and to all the folks who linked to me, here’s hoping we can turn something completely silly into something good that actually helps somebody, who needs the money much more than most of the people competing.

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