Suggestions for Adsense

Hey Google Adsesne how about giving people the ability to call for a “fresh visit” and content reassessment so the adsense ads will target better. Sometimes we make typos or use phrase that call for the wrong ads to be delivered. Sure I can test it by throwing an irrelevant parameter on the URL but actual visitors to the site will get the old ads until you decide to revisit the page.

You could make it really easy and scaleable by making it a parameter like, you could limit abuse by limiting it to one url per domain per day.

Of course you could really improve relevancy by allowing publishers to suggest kewords/phrases and comparing them to what you think the page is about. For example if you think the page is about oranges and the publisher tells you its about orange juice determine those phrases are related enough to go with the publishers suggestion. If you think the page is about oranges and the publisher thinks it’s about digital cameras determine those terms are too dissimilar and go with your interpretation.

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