Stuntdubl Interview

Lee Oden from Online Marketing Blog got an interview with my buddy Todd (aka Stuntdubl) that’s well worth the read. (» Interview with Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl of We Build Pages)

In the interview I read something that gave me an idea I’ll never get around to doing, so I’ll throw it out there:

One of my fondest memories from a conference session was seeing Shari Thurow on stage with David Naylor. Every time Dave opened his mouth, Shari’s head started shaking “no”. It was hilarious. Almost like a nervous tick from being allergic to anything that came from Dave or something. The discussion was fascinating as well, because it was represented by two people who had pretty much polar opposite views on life in general (from my best estimation), but were able to show each other enough respect to publicly agree to disagree. I think these two are among a handful of people who have become the poster children for this heated and often foolish debate. The ideas that come from two polar opposites is explosive and valid. When two people like this CAN agree on something, it is probably a very good technique worthy of consideration.

One of the popular tricks in talk radio is to have two people with polar opinions do a show together. Now I have seen a dual conversation blog over on In Search Of Stuff, but the authors are generally of the same mindset. I’d really like to see two people with radically different views talk about the same idea when they made a post. It would require a little planning and forethought but quite inteesting and entertaining if done well.

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