Social Media Advertising

Bill Flitter, Pheedo
Marc Schiller, ElectronicArtists
Nicole Bogas, BlogAds

First up Bill Flitter from Pheedo. In traditional media content owners like CNN push out the content and th advertising wasn’t interactive and at the bottom. In social media the users are controlling the content. Most advertising is targeted toward the person who is looking to buy and avoid the guy who isn’t interested. However there are other people at different parts of the buying cycle who can also benefit from your ad. You can also convert existing customers into evangelists. Other people leaving bookmarks or reviews create pages that get indexed into search engines and increases points of customer interaction.

Next Nicole Bogas from BlogAds. Blogs are publishing tools that are run by individual people and not corporations. This allows you to advertise and reach segmented groups of visitors. Blog networks often have more dedicated readers than traditional media. Ads that integrate and look like content work better. Don’t give away all of the information give them a reason to click through. You want more show with less links. Try and tap into current events. Target the advertising to the market and speak to issues that are important to them.

Marc Schiller from ElectronicArtists. Most successful companies are people who pull back the curtain and let you look behind the curtain. Good will has to be part of everything that’s created. Allow people to use and express their creativity. Prosumer (new word) people who used to only consume but now also produce. You need more than a PR announcement. (at this point he gave some second life examples).

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