SMX Social Teaching an Old Dog Some New Tricks

Earlier this week I went to SMX social, and here’s my take on the conference …

Day one Rand gave a kick ass executive overview of social media. Like really bottle it and sell it, because it just doesn’t get any better than that. If you are trying to sell social media to Big Company X that’s the presentation you want to give.

The rest of the day featured presentations from some of the sharpest minds playing the social game right now. I’ve probably got about 95% of the people who spoke that day on IM so I don’t know that I personally learned anything new, but I did see some stuff clarified and focused into more digestible formats. For people who aren’t as experienced as I am there was a lot of good stuff there so I can’t possibly see how they didn’t learn anything or pick up a few tips or tricks.

Day two completely knocked my socks off. Like WOW I was really impressed. I learned some things made some notes and got stuff to think about. We all usually pick on big companies and advertising agencies for not getting it, but everybody on both morning panels totally got it. Rob Key of Converseon and Sarah Hofstetter of 360i I loved your presentations you totally rocked.

For me the overall vibe changed quite a bit from day one to day two. Day one was like a visit to the wild, wild west, things were a bit more aggressive, rough and tumble, a little aggressive and much more on the edge. Day two pulled back, was much more sophisticated, and polished and like a trip to city. For example Sarah spent a bit of time discussing contacting bloggers and few do’s and don’ts. Little things like that are the difference between a good campaign and great one.

So just because you’re an old dog and you think you may “know everything” that’s no reason to shy away from conferences, because old dogs can learn new tricks.

SEL has a roundup of all the SMX posts and recaps go check them out.

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