Short Videos, Long Videos, and Don’t Take Everything So Literally

Many moons ago I wrote about how short videos are better than long ones, and I took lumps in the comments because I didn’t do a good job explaining myself and some readers took me far to literally. However I came across a video last week that allows me to explain myself a little better.

I came across the video below on the Linkedin blog about a person who used Linkedin almost exclusively to filter new clients and grow his business.


Ok what should you take notice of … the video is under the 2 minute mark and has very little fluff. It’s engaging, to the point, and held my interest. The problem is it did such a good job at getting me interested that now I want more, where there is no more to be had.

Use short videos to capture and engage new customers. Use longer more in-depth videos for people who have some idea of who you are and what they are getting when they click play. Again I wouldn’t take that as my blessing to go of producing 90 minute videos of you rambling on about nonsense. Edit out the unnecessary stuff, and the fluff. Remember 10 minutes of good stuff is always better than 10 minutes of good stuff and 30 minutes of nonsense.

Lastly don’t take everything I say quite so literally. I’m a big ideas kind of guy, and while all of the details may be worked out in my head the don’t always make it “onto paper”. So what’s perfectly clear to me is this unknown blob for you, so don’t be afraid to ask some questions, I really do try and get to them in the comments or follow up posts.

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