SEO and the Thrill of the Rank

I’m an SEO.
My job is not is not to educate, organize, or raise profits of any search or advertising company.
My job is to find algorthym or market ineffiecincies.
My goal is profit from that knowledge and share it with those willing to pay for my expertise.
I’m a fox in the hen house.

I want your position in the SERP’s.
I’m not afraid to do what it takes to get there.
I eat breakfast at my kitchen table with all of the shareholders in my company every day.
I don’t need their approval to put a plan into action.
I don’t need to go to meetings, give presentations, or get the OK from comittee’s.
I can move faster than you.
I can change directions before you’ve even assembled a team.
I’m quite content to do my work in the shadows.

There are no politics in my company.
There is no jockeying for position.
There is no coveted corner office.
There is only working towards ranking.
I’m not afraid to take risks.
I’m not afraid to try and fail.
I’m not afraid to say what needs to be said.
I’m not afraid to do what needs to be done.

I’m an SEO, and I’m coming after your rankings …

The preceding post was inspired by Chapter 2 the Art of Positioning from The Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki.

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