Required Reading for Advertising and PR Agencies

Aaron’s got a killer post today that should be required reading for anyone who works at an advertising or in the public relations industry Blogger Lawsuits are the Equivalent of an SEO A Bomb : SEO

What I find exceedingly stupid about this lawsuit is the plaintiff (who sells marketing services – how good could they be?) claimed that the issue was about manipulating Google’s search results … So instead of attempting to understand how Google displays results they sent a lawsuit. These ad agencies need to get a clue. They really do…

The search results are going to show 10 results weather you are active online or not. If you have an offline brand that you do not promote heavily online don’t be surprised if the top search results look ugly.

Advertising agencies like Warren Kremer Paino really need to start getting with the program. Using the newly released Sphere blog search tool [sphere results ] shows that for an advertising and PR firm they clearly not doing the job in the online world.

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