Raven SEO Tools Review: Social Media

Raven SEO Toolset in a powerful tool in any SEO’s toolbox. In the first part of this Raven SEO Tools series, we looked at Using Raven SEO Tools to Manage and Track Your Keywords. In this post we’re going to be looking at using Raven to manage your social media profiles.

The first thing we’re going to do is connect a Twitter profile. Go to the  Social > Twitter Profile tab. Once there, click the “Add Twitter Profile” link.

Add Twitter to Raven Tools

You’ll then pass through the oAuth screen, so make sure you are signed into the correct account before you start this process.

Twitter Account Verification

Once verified, you’ll be brought to the twitter dashboard with some account information, as shown below.

Twitter Raven Dashboard

If you scroll down, you’ll see your feed and even find post live or scheduled Tweets to your account. To be honest, I don’t use the scheduled tweet function here; I use Hootsuite (see Hootsuite review) because the hootlet bookmarklet fits into my workflow a little better. Your approach might be different. Despite not using it, I have tested it and can say it works without any batching, repeating, or duplicating issues.

Raven SEO Tools Twitter Panel

You can check a number of things using Raven Tools like how many times you are mentioned or retweeted,

Twitter Mentions

monitor your friends and followers,

and see how much traffic Twitter sends to your website. Bear in mind that tracking twitter referrals is difficult and inexact at best.

Twitter Referrals

Next we’ll look at adding your Facebook Page into Raven. Go to the Social > Facebook tab in the main navigation.

add facebook to raven

Choose your Facebook page from the options (sorry about the redaction).

Choose Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you have confirmed the page, you’ll see summary of your page, posts, fans, and so on. My page is new and wasn’t really in use before hand, so it’s a bit empty now.

Facebook Raven Dashboard

Raven also allows you to track mentions of  your name, company name, product name, or other keywords across social media sites. Depending on how unique those keywords are, you may have to spend some time building a better query; for example, my name [Michael Gray] turned up a lot of people who weren’t me, such as the realtor, DJ, and sports commentator. Here’s a screen shot to give you an idea.

Raven Social Tracking

Another tool built in to Raven is the ability to search forums for your keywords. In this case, I searched for [Michael Gray SEO]. This gives you the ability to see who is talking about you or if there are any conversations you want to participate in.

Raven Forum Search

The last step you’ll want to take here is adding this information to the dashboard for this profile.

Raven Social Data

If you are looking for live, up-to-the-minute data, Raven probably isn’t the right social tool for you. It’s up to date, but there is a slight lag. However IMHO there are very few instances where you really need real-time data. Raven’s strength lies in is its ability to manage one or more social profiles all in one spot, quickly and easily. That is the greatest value it brings to an affiliate SEO, independent SEO, or SEO consultant.

To be clear, I am a current paying customer of Raven SEO Tools. If you sign up from my link, I will get a commission. However, I feel that this is a tool that can help you be more productive and make more money, which is why I’m comfortable recommending it. Feel free to try Raven Tools for 30 days for free. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up …

photo credit: MShades

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