Pubcon Recap

This post will be my brain dump for all things pubcon.

Off the bat I have to say this was one of the best Search Engine Conferences I have been to, so congratulations to Brett and everyone else involved, well done. If you weren’t able to attend Barry Schwartz and lots of other people did a great job proving coverage so be sure to check it out, I think it will be well worth your time (Pubcon Day 1 Recap, Pubcon Day 2 Recap, Pubcon Day 3 Recap).

They really need to “fix” the whole airport security thing, having two screening lines open at JFK on a monday morning at 9am is just never going to work. It was cool meting Greg and Brian of at the airport, and they helped make my decision to provide live coverage. Live blogging is hard, live blogging Q&A is REALLY HARD. I’m no court stenographer, so things aren’t word for word, but I tried to capture the essence and meaning of what was said, so if I got something wrong let me know and I’ll fix it.

I’d be pretty hard pressed to come up with a session that sucked, although a few speakers did give me a case of MEGO (my eyes glaze over). My favorite session was Search Blog and Reporter Forum where Todd (aka Oilman) went totally off format and went straight Q&A that was great. Secondly there are two speakers who’s sessions you should attend even if the subject doesn’t pertain to to you, Jake Baillie and Jeff Libert. I learn something or get some good ideas every time I hear him speak. Jeff Libert totally gave away the goods in one page wonders, I registered 5 new domain names within 24 hours of that session.

I met most of the people on my Who I want to meet at Pubcon list and a lot of people came up to me and introduced themselves, I don’t know I’ll ever get tired of hearing ” … I read your blog and I think it great” 😉 . I also had a lot of fun having a public discussion/debate with Matt Cutts at the Google Safe bets party. I can confirm taking three people bought me a drink in the pubcon drinking game. One person even score a photo with me and Mario Lonzano (the wildcard) of PRLeap, who another great bunch of guys to hang out and talk shop with.

One my guilty pleasures of leading the bathrobe lifestyle is not wearing shoes or socks. In fact from the end of June through the first week of September I’m in heaven never having to put on much more than a pair of aqua socks, but we’re approaching TMI territory. So for me putting on a pair of dark jeans and sneakers that aren’t covered in grass stains is “getting dressed up”. However by Vegas standards this doesn’t qualify, and I wasn’t admitted to the protest party at the Ghost Bar because of it. My advice next time bring a pair of slacks and dress shoes.

Honorable mentions go to Todd Malicoat aka Stundubl for his gaping void business card and to John Andrews for his scrabble style SEO business cards. However the winner hands down is Marcus Tandler from for his aluminum business cards. Thats right aluminum as in the metal, these cards are so cool they would make James Bond green with envy and I was worried they might be considered a weapon at the airport I packed it in my luggage.

I’ve got someone who’s posting comments (1,2) using Brett Tabke as a name. Now I don’t to come off like a total jerk if it is the real Brett, but let’s say I can’t say with any degree of certainty that they are authentic. Update they are real I feel like such a dufus!

Lastly the question I got asked the most at pubcon was “so what session are you speaking at … what do you mean you’re not speaking … dude you should be on a panel” . All right already I’m going to make a concerted effort to start speaking at conferences. So if you’re looking for someone or know someone who is drop me an email.

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