Oddities From the Latest Google Update

Man the latest update on Google is clearly showing some odd stuff. For example on one domain I own it says the site isn’t in google at all. If I do a site: search on the domain I get 300+ pages but everything except one is in supplemental. If I look back at the page with the highest pagerank for November it’s listed perfectly fine in Google with a cache date of 3 days ago (not tagged as supplemental). Traffic took a downward turn on the 17th. This site was also recently approved in the human reviewed yahoo directory in the beginning of December, so it’s not spam central.

I know all you googly people are off drinking eggnog but man this is the kind of stuff that just makes you pull your hair out and wonder what they heck did they do and why am I getting all this conflicting data.

Update: go see Matt Cutts Explaining algorithm updates and data refreshes

PS: How can there be three pages of people saying stuff is moving at WMW and Matt say “everything is normal“? Reminds me of the Monthy Python coconut exchange

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