Matt this is not an Update Cutts

C’mon Matt do we really have to have this semantics debate every time something gets changed? The this is an update, that was a data push, the other thing was a xoogler sneaking into the building, get tiring after a while. I know you don’t like calling it an update, even when it is, and then you “fix” the non update, and pretend it never existed, and think we’re stupid enough to not remember, or keep on believing you that an update that really wasn’t an update never happened in the first place.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO » SMX Seattle wrap-up

Other than perhaps for some one-word queries, I think most things remain unchanged. And even for most one-word queries, most results remain unchanged. So I’m not sure it’s worth calling it an update.

Let’s talk about how you fiddled with the settings for what is/isn’t supplemental for starters, and go from there

tla starter kit


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