New Link Advertising Program from Text Link Ads

Yesterday, Text-Link-Ads launched a new service InLinks, that places ads inside the content part of blog posts (full disclosure TLA is an advertiser on this blog). I’ve seen this service in use for a while and it does really good job of not leaving a footprint that is detectable to the external user.

Is this a product you should use, ultimately that depends on your end goals and risk tolerance. The program is in direct conflict with Google’s policy on buying/selling links in a way that allow pagerank to pass. So there is some risk if on both ends of that transaction. However for competitive phrases and unpaletable subjects getting links is an extremely difficult task. So if you want to rank getting links that pass juice is the quickest and easiest way to do it, and buying advertising links shortens that time frame.

IMHO the key to buying links is using them over the short term 6-9 months, to jump start your rankings while you swing your PR machine into full gear, shaking hands  and kissing babies. Google has a top down preference for brands and the more you work normal PR and advertising tactics to reach that goal the better you are. Use viral marketing and linkbait to start securing links over time. As you start to acquire natural links, revisit your links buys and slowly start phasing them out (ultra competitive and non mainstream topics have different rules).

My position on paid link advertising well known and at this point I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said. The most important thing I learned from Pubcon this year was stop wasting time on drama, so comments on this post will be closed. No it’s not some crazy backwards logic technique or reverse psychology .. really … if you want to participate in the paid links debate here are a few places you can go …

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Does Google REALLY Want To Go Down This FTC Route

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