Information Architecture for Dummies

sleeping studentYeah yeah I know some of you think I wear my jammies all day, goof off and blog constantly, but every now and then I do have to do some work. Information Architecture is one of those things I have to understand. For those of you who just zoned out like did high school chemistry class, wake up. Here’s a definition:

Information architecture is the organization of information to aid in information retrieval.

Ok that wasn’t so bad now was it? But what does it really mean, am I going to use it in REAL LIFE, and is this going to be on the test next week? Rather than me waste your time trying to explain it and not succeeding, I’ll give you a link to a recently published PDF, The Future of Information Architecture. Now before I lose you completely, this is written like a kids book, ok. Yes lots of pretty pictures, short sentences, and big type. And if you’re really lucky, you might actually learn a little something.

Points to Nick of Threadwatch for turning me on to this one.

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