Creating Head & Tail Content

Although I have mentioned head & tail content on this blog a few times, I haven’t devoted an entire post to it, which is probably an oversight on my part.

The first step in creating head and tail content is to create the tail pieces first. I went into some detail about this in the post keeping your articles focused. If you haven’t already read it, you probably should–if only so that this article makes the most sense. Once you have all or most of the tail content written, it’s time to think about the the head. While I’ll often use outsourced services for tail content (see review) for head pieces, I like to use higher quality writers, as this can sometimes become the flagship content of your website. You’ll want to have the writer read all the the tail sections and give them some ideas about how to link to them. You want links in the body with keyword rich anchor text (see how to silo the content); you don’t want “click here” used for anchor text.

look for ways to give tail pieces more than one head …

In some cases, your head content will be social content and not flagship content. In that case the only difference is that you’ll want to have offsite links mixed in as well. Social content that only links to pages on your website looks very self-serving. In some cases I will push a social piece with all external links then, after it’s run its course, I’ll edit the links and swap some of them for internal links to tail pieces.

Last, look for ways to give tail pieces more than one head. From the original example, let’s say you’ve written tail articles about “Visiting the Empire State Building.” You could create multiple head pieces like “Ten Must-See Destinations in NYC,” “Historical Skyscrapers in the Big Apple,” or “Family Friendly Destinations in New York City.” By giving these tail pieces more crawling points, you do a better job of interlinking your website. If your Head pieces are social pieces, this turns them into effective link hubs (see How to Diagnose and Improve Website Crawling)

So what are the takeaways from this post:

  • Start with writing tightly-focused tail posts
  • Tie the tail pieces together with an interlinked head post
  • Decide if your head piece will be flagship or social content, and add external links if it is social
  • Look for opportunities to to create more than one head to link to the tail pieces

photo credit: cotaro70s

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