GoogleBombing – Pay No Attention To The Man Behind the Curtian

Danny’s got a great write up about Google combatting Googlebombing you should read.

Now Matt seems to feel that [santorum] is SEO not googlebombing, well I’ll give you it’s not quite ‘miserable failure’ but it’s close. However let’s take this time to point out a few other unintentional googlebombs and see if they still work or maybe there was a little more hand intervention going on.

[leave] ever wonder where that ‘leave’ text on porn sites takes you, that SERP tells you, the other one is [go away]. [click here] that’s another classic adobe has owned for years. This pretty much classic G strategy now, fix the high profile ones, it discourages copy cat efforts, except by the really determined.

Side note how cool is it that I have a top 10 spot for [blue widgets]

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