Google Trust and Librarians

So what websites does Google trust? Well we all have our own theories, but I think there are a few clues in the Google Newsletter for Librarians: January Edition. Nice little tips like having an “about” page, making sure you don’t have too many typos, and don’t have lots of outbound links to dead websites. Nothing earth shatteringly new, but it ties in nicely to the Google Spam Raters Guide that was leaked earlier this year.

Now why the folks over at Google publish this only in Email format is beyond me (Hellooo … RSS … ATOM … XML maybe you guys have heard about it … here’s a tip it’s going to be big trust me). So since you’ve got get the data the old fashioned web way, via email, and I know there are lots of librarians who read my blog and will want to subscribe here’s the sign up page since it’s a bit difficult to find.

Hat tip to seobuzzbox

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