Google and Deep Crawling

I’m having quite a bit of difficulty getting deep crawls from Google recently. Adding new subdomains to existing sites in some cases sites that are 4 and 5 years old are taking over a month to get the just the main page on a new subdomain indexed. Yahoo seems to be doing ok by comparison, and you gotta luv’ that MSN bot, feed it the URL via suggestion page and no more than 2 weeks later it’s nice and indexed.

These aren’t high power sites but they are mid level sites (PR5 and PR4), which never really had a problem until this big daddy stuff started happening. If there’s some problem with new stuff or crawling that’s one thing, but if this is some further spam prevention tactic, well I think you guys are way off base.

For example if you think slowing down the indexing cycle will in some way lessen the creation of spam, well that’s ass backwards. See while I’m waiting around for the recently created spam to get indexed I’ve got nothing else to do. So I say to myself “… hmm self if it takes longer to get that spam indexed I better start creating more of it now so it becomes useful sooner”, so you actually get more of to contend with. If I had indexed sites to work with I might not be creating more and more of it.

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