Google Analytics iPhone App Review

I was asked to take part in the beta test of this a few weeks ago, and I’m so lame I just finally got aroud to mentioning it.

So if you’ve got an iPhone and you want to be able to check look at your analytics without firing up your laptop or netbook, this is actually a really really good app. On the initial screen it shows all the websites in your accounts, there’s no real limitation. If you do have client reports you should do the right thing an password protect your phone. Anywho once you get select your website you’ll  come to the dashboard for each website shown below:


you can click thru and get the follow up information


pretty much all of the highlevel info that you get from your analytics interface


Now you won’t be able to copy and paste info and start doing any massive spreadsheet, pie graph, and number crunching , but you will be able to see things quickly and easily when you’re mobile, and it’s got enough detail that it is actually useful.

The app is $5.99 and you can see tons of more screen shots and info on the main site

Not only is this an app I use regularly but it’s an app on the first page of my iphone 🙂

tla starter kit


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