Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic, Part II

In my initial post Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic, I posted some graphs showing how going viral built up my RSS subscribers. Yesterday I pushed out another viral post that did WAY better than I planned on it doing.

If you look at the original graph in the subscribed feed quadrant in the lower right youâ??ll see 60 subscribers on 1/5.


Iâ??d publish the whole thing again but I changed the way Iâ??m tracking things so some of the data is gone but hereâ??s the subscriber graph

Fitness-Webcom ââ?¬Âº Reports ââ?¬â?? WordPress

Looking at the first column you see the same 60 from the first graph. Over the next few days you see them drop back down to about 40 (I predicted a drop of 10-30%). This morning I saw a huge jump up to 264 subscribers, HOLY CRAP!!! First off Iâ??m 99% certain thatâ??s some sort of data anomaly, aberration, imaginary internet pimple or whatever you want to call it. Guestimating Iâ??d say itâ??s probably going to drop down to somewhere between 100 and 150 over the next few days. Even if that number goes down to somewhere between 80 and 100 Iâ??d still be happy as thatâ??s 80 people who are looking at my content without the help of a search engine.

So câ??mon what are you doing to build defensible traffic?

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