Environmentally Friendly Link Bait

One of the problems people have with linkbait is thinking they have to develop some web 2.0-ish high production value “thing”. While there’s nothing wrong with going that route and if you’re a fortune 500 company it’s going to be expected, but for almost everyone else simple is almost always better.

Today’s linkbait comes to us from Seth Godin who points to an environmentally friendly site picking on Mcdonalds for giving away hummers ronaldmchummer.com. Picking on a big company like McDonalds is not only easy but if done can get you a lot of traffic (see How McDonald’s Screwed Up the Pirates of The Caribbean Game) The site is devilishly simple consisting of little more than an archive of pictures/messages created by users. If you look down in the lower left hand side of the side navigation panel you see the site was sponsored by hybridcars.com. While there do es seem to be a lot of really good in depth content on that site they are monetizing it via adsense (BTW you guys really need to speak to someone about improving your integration, drop me an email … please). So I’d say somewhere deep down there was some commercial intent behind the whole thing. Do I have a problem with that, nope, in fact I think it’s a great example of linkbait for a commercial domain.

Earlier today I came across this picture and came up with a linkbaiting idea


Why not do a “Pope my Ride” stunt with Photoshop. Take the Pope Protection booth and put it on the back of ridiculous cars like a Volkswagen Beetle, Lamborghini, Saleen, or even the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile. It’s so completely goofy how could people not link to it …

tla starter kit


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