Deep Crawling a New Mini Site

Recently I launched two new mini sites and discovered something along the way.

These two sites were local mini directories with less than 15 pages. While there will be a few topically related affiliate banners, my main method for monetization will be Adsense for Search. In an effort to look more trustworthy I added about us, tos, privacy and contact us pages. As is standard web fare I put those common links in the footer of every page. Working with the SEO Siloing concept, I linked the real informational pages from the the home page and didn’t interconnect them. When I added the Adsense for search box it didn’t work well because none of the pages were indexed yet due to the site’s newness. So I went about my business building some inbound links.

A little over a month later the sites are starting to get traffic, and adsense search clicks. So I logged into adsense to see how it was working. I went to the site and repeated some of the queries, and got no results. I went back to the informational pages to confirm the data was in fact on the page, which it was. After scratching my head for a moment I tried a query and discovered the answer. All of the pages which were listed in the footer of every page were in the index, the information pages which were only linked on the homepage we’re not. The same held true for both sites.

So what’s the take away here, very new sites without a lot of link trust need all the help they can get and probably aren’t good candidates for siloing. Very small sites, under 25 pages, also probably aren’t good candidates for siloing. Additionally if you’re trying to get as many new pages as possible in google sooner rather than later, interconnect them all. You can always go back and fix things up once you’ve got a little bit of trust.

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