Deep Crawling a Mini Site Part II

After correcting some “errors” in my mini-site architecture (see Deep Crawling a New Mini Site) I am happy to report posting links to all of the pages in the footer, got 90% of the site indexed in about a week.

So let’s clear up some of the confusion I created. For sites that are brand spankin’ new to relatively new (less than 1 year), or have less than 30 pages in total, go ahead and link everything to everything, using a combination of top, side and footer navigation. Once you’re “old”, and more importanlty have some trust (ie organic rankings and traffic) it’s time to start thinking about siloing.

Understanding what Google and the other search engines think about your architechture is key, that’s why I really reccomend the google sitemaps Google Webmaster Central ***SEE NOTE BELOW***. Modifying architecture is always dicey and it’s important to know if something goes wrong sooner than later.

Do not under any circumstances type in NSFW!!!! Google what were ya’ thinkin’?

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