Creative Link Building Ideas

There’s lots of talk on the net right now that reciprocal linking is dead, which I disagree with. I will qualify that answer and say crappy reciprocal lining is dead (see Link Monkey it’s time to Evolve). Lots of people are running around like chicken without heads trying to figure out how am I going to get “natural looking links“? My response is look at the Digg or popular page for ideas. However this all seems a bit too cryptic for some folks, so let’s be a little more straight forward.

Let’s say you’re trying to sell that venerable old product, a widget, how do you get people to link to you? Why not build a giant size widget out of lego blocks and feature step by step instructions on your website. For the kid in the back of class mumbling yes you will have to spend the money on the lego blocks and it may take you a day or two to do it, but how much time/money were you spending getting crappy links, I thought so.

Maybe that’s not your thing, how about taking your widgets and making an entire outfit out of them. Get your attractive wife/girlfriend/niece to model it and take some pictures. Put up a tutorial for others to follow. Think that’s lame, Lizzie Gardner wore a dress made of American Express Gold Cards to the Oscars in 1994, so maybe it’s not so lame.

Lets say you’re not the Martha Stewart put things together creative type, well then how about destroying something instead. Start a contest asking people to send you videos of them destroying widgets. Somebody already has one about smashing a brand new IPod Nano, so it’s a proven concept. Give away one of your spanking brand new widgets to the winner. Side note make sure you speak to your lawyer before running any contests the laws are quite icky.

Be creative, challenge the norm, break out, do anything and everything to get noticed.

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