Corporate Black Hat SEO Terminology

So now that more and more companies are getting involved in one form or another of search marketing, chances are at some point some of you may get a call from, and actually end up pitching for the occasional consulting gig. To help you transition from working in your bathing suit to a pinstripe suit you may need to revise your vocabulary a little, here’s handy terminology conversion guide:

Cloaking: This should always be referred to as Targeted IP, User Agent or Geo-Specific delivery.
Web Scraping: This should be referred to as Information Archiving or Caching.
Click-Pimping: This should be known as Seamlessly Integrating Contextually Relevant Infotisements to Maximize ROI.
Website Hijacking: This practice should be called Digital Content Re-Assignment.
GoogleBowling and GoogleWashing: These actions should be referred to as Competition Displacement.
Blog Comment Spam: This should be characterized as Bursty Link Acquisition.
Offshore Link Building: This process should be known as Financially Prudent Methodology for Increasing Brand Awareness.
Content Remixing: This process should be called Information Aggregation and ReDistribution along Secondary Vertical Channels.
Wikipedia Spam: These type of actions should be classified as Grass Roots Adaptations of Public Database.
Button Pushing: This process for building websites should be called Budget Sensitive Content Creation runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

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