Announcing Sponsorship Advertising

Some of you folks who visit my site and don’t just read in your feed readers may have noticed the appearance of some sponsored advertising banners on my blog recently, it’s a new experiment I’m trying.

This blog does a few things for me it gives me the ability to satisfy my inner narcissist who loves to hear himself talk. It allows me to experiment and try new things. It allows me to entertain, amuse, educate and share things I’m doing, seeing, reading and thinking about search, search engines, social media and blogging, with other people who are interested in those subjects. John Scott (who I don’t link to nearly enough) said recently “blogging is the most time consuming least profitable thing I do” and I have to agree with him, this blog is more work than a part time job and the pay is worse than McDonalds.

I’m busier now than I’ve ever been, and demands for and on my time are becoming greater and greater. So I’d either have to post less to get more paying work done, or find a way to pay myself and justify the time investment. Like Shoemoney says “prioritize for profitability”. So I’ve decided to try taking on some advertising banners. A couple of folks noticed the change before this announcement and managed to get in contact with me despite a broken wordpress contact form. Some of the spots are already sold, some are in negotiations, some are open, use the contact form to get in touch with me if you are interested in advertising. I’m going give a brief mention of each of the advertisers who have signed up in the next few days, and new ones as they sign on. If you use the services and they work for you, great I’d like to know. If you use them and they don’t I’d like to know that too.

I’m committed to trying them for the next 6 months, at that point I’ll re-evaluate the program.

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