How Small Bloggers Can Affect Big Companies

Earlier this week I blogged about how the company running the “the algorithm killed jeeves” campaign dropped the ball by not having done some predictive SEO and PPC. It appears somebody got my message and things have changed.

Before my blog post there weren’t any PPC ads now there are two [how the algorithm killed jeeves]

clicking the ad brings you to the Ask homepage. What’s the lesson here, don’t afraid to question the big corporations. I’m just one guy with a big mouth working at his kitchen table wearing snoopy pajamas. However I made enough noise that a bunch of people had to have a meeting and react to it, and it’s probably not the first time either (up for some hoax marketing next week Matt … just kidding). Don’t be afraid to challenge authority and stand up to the big companies, because you think you’ll never change anything. The internet is powerful tool, and if used properly, and in a coordinated fashion, you can absolutely get the attention of big business, organizations, news, media, and the man on the street.

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