Google Adwords Broken or Price Gouging

So I’m creating a new campaign with 40 or so keyword phrases, I submit them and I check and 38 of them are disabled with an “inactive for search increase quality or bid” message telling me I have to up my bid to $5 or $10 dollars. First of all how do they know if my ad sucks or not? It’s been in the system for less than 60 seconds. Since I’m a tinkerer I pick the best phrase and up it to $5. Now at $5 I’m not going to be making a profit, but I want to see what happens. I wait 15 to 20 minutes and there I am in the number 1 spot on the side (no premium results on this one). Ok I don’t want to be number 1, I want to be lower. I drop my bid back down the “increase quality” message is back and my ad goes away. Ok let’s try a $4.99 bid … my ad is still gone and “increase quality” message is back. So at $4.99 my ad sucks, but at $5.00 it’s ok? Clearly something is “broken” here.

This is not a $5 keyword … trust me. Are things getting so bad at the plex they have to have an automated way to force me to pay more than I want if I want my ad to show? Can you only bid on a keyword if you want to be number 1 and pay through the nose for it? C’mon Google what’s the story?

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