Website Auditor Review

Website Auditor is a piece of software from the SEO Power Suite line of tools. I’ve reviewed Rank Tracker and SEO Spyglass before (see Rank Tracker Review and SEO Spyglass Review). Website Auditor is piece of software that attempts to review certain aspects of your website and give your website an overall health check.

Again there are two obvious questions, and I’ll address those first. Not only is this a piece of software I use on a regular basis, but it’s one I have paid for.  I wasn’t comp’d or given a free version. Secondly, no I don’t think a piece of software can replace a human audit, but software can be used to gather data quickly and more efficiently than a human ever could, and that’s the role that I use Website Auditor to perform.

Like all of the SEO Power Suite software it’s easy to install (Windows or Mac) and get running. You just input the URL, specify a crawling depth, let it know which parameters you want it to get, set up any exclusions, and let it run.

Website Analyzer Screen Shots

Now, until you’ve run it a few times, I’d suggest leaving the options at the default setting. One that you may wish to be careful with is crawling depth. If you have a large website, set this number to a lower number. As I mentioned before crawling depth can be a powerful tool to help you figure out crawling problems (see how I diagnose and improve crawling problems). Once the initial crawl is done, it will come back to ask if you want to update the missing info. Again, let it do its thing.

Crawling Factors

Now while this software does have human emulation built in, if you selected certain factors like Google Page Rank it can trip up the Google Captcha flags. The software will prompt you for the info, but if you don’t enter it, it will time out and skip it. You can rerun it again just looking for the missing info. The company also offers a captcha breaking service. Depending on how many URLs you are analyzing and what parameters you selected, this can take up to a few hours to run. So again my advice is to have this software on a server, not your main computer.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of the default view. I find the nested tree structure a little hard to read.

nested view

I prefer the PageRank view. It’s just a lot easier to deal with IMHO.

Pagerank View

What I suggest is to create your own report with the information you want on it that you can export via clipboard.

Customize Factors

Additionally, as with all the SEO Power Suite Software, you can produce reports. Here’s a sample report from the software. Bear in mind that I stopped it midway so some of the data is missing. If you use the enterprise version you can also customize the report.

As I said, I don’t recommend running the program, spitting out a report, and moving on: you should look at the data and analyze it. A computer is good at gathering data, but it’s not good at being insightful or offering up expertise.

Website Auditor is piece of software I’ve paid for and have used for a few months. It has a few quirks as far as captcha information and display, but I find it helps. If you think you might like it, why not take advantage of the free download?

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