ProBlogger Job Board vs Craigslist

Recently I started working two projects where I needed to hire some bloggers. After exhausting my friends network (I’m in ur address book stealin’ ur contacts) I was still short people. So I turned to the paid job listings boards Craigslist and ProBlogger Job Board.

Both services were fairly easy to use and similar in cost (Craigslist $75 Problogger $50). The biggest differences in implementation was Craigslist is sectioned by region. Craigslist has lots of regions, however each one would cost me $75 to advertise in, since that wasn’t economically feasible I chose NY and San Francisco.

I started getting responses from both websites almost immediately. Once 24 hours had gone by I started evaluating the applications, and the results were pretty clear. The job applications I got from ProBlogger were consistently higher quality than the ones from Craigslist. The applicants had more experience and were better qualified. At the end of the process, 6 of the 7 bloggers I hired came from the Problogger Job Board.

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