MyReview Plugin Review

The following is a review of the MyReviewPlugin for WordPress. Recently, I decided to add reviews to one of my websites and MyReviewPlugin was one of the two plugins I narrowed it down to (see WP Review Site Plugin Review for the other). I was able to narrow it down to these two but wasn’t able to see how well they interfaced without purchasing both plugins and trying them out. To be clear, I paid for both of these plugins myself. I wasn’t given a review copy, and this isn’t a sponsored review.
This plugin had the core features I wanted:

  • Multiple Review Categories.
  • Different Categories (ie, one set for hotels another for restaurants).
  • Rich Snippet Compatible.

Some features this plugin had that the other didn’t were:

  • A separate category for editors review.
  • Different weighting (so one bad review doesn’t unfairly unbalance the results).

This plugin was definitely the harder of the two to install and get running. To be completely honest, you need to watch the videos to understand it completely, but I will try to give you the steps:

  • Set up different review categories.
  • Choose which categories apply to which posts.
  • Enter the reviews.

One of the downsides of this plugin was the lack of formatting for the review information. Both plugins come with themes but, if you don’t use them, it requires some work to get them to display properly in the theme. This plugin had the least amount of flexibility as far as the design was concerned. However, one advantage this plugin had was some backend admin functionality as far as review information. For my particular case this was the deciding factor that made this the plugin I ultimately used.

One last issue: all of these review plugins use the WordPress comment system as a mechanism for getting the review information into the system, which brings up the issue of dates in the SERP’s. If you aren’t getting new reviews submitted on a regular basis, this could lead to your SERP’s having a “stale” or “dated” appearance.

To be clear, this post does contain affiliate links. If you purchase the MyReviewPlugin, I do receive an affiliate commission. That said, this is a plugin I paid for and tested with my own money. While this plugin isn’t perfect, it did solve most of my problems with getting review information attached to my pages/posts. If you are considering adding reviews to your website, MyReviewPlugin is a choice you should definitely consider.

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