Let’s Talk About Reviews

All right since I’ve gotten some feedback on reviews I’d like to open the subject up for more discussion. If one of my friends friends come out with a tool, piece of software, or something else and asks me to mention it, I’ll go take a look and is long as it’s not a piece of crap or I think it’s stupid I’ll write a paragraph about it and link to it. If I don’t like or think somethings broken I’ll let them know in private rather than blog about how it sucks or is broken.

If someone pays for a review I’m actually going to take the time to look at it. For me just dashing off two paragraphs because I was getting paid would be irresponsible. If the item I was asked to review was going to be anything less than neutral I’d cancel the review (and payment) and let the person know what was wrong in private. If I like the item I’m being asked to review I’m going to say what I like about. Since no product is perfect there will always be room for improvement and things I won’t like or would like to see done differently, and I’ll say that as well. I look at a review as payment for my time and professional opinion not my rubber stamped endorsement.

Now according to my stats there are at least 1600 or so of you people subscribed to this feed. Even if half of you are scraper bots that’s still 800 human beings with thoughts, feelings and opinions on this. I want to hear your opinions if you think the reviews are good or bad, and more importantly I want to know why you feel that way. Keep it civil and within the rules of general etiquette and we won’t have any problems.

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