Jason Calacanis & Michael Gray

Jason Calacanis Michael Gray

Probably pretty high on the list of pictures you never thought you’d see but there’s a picture of me with Jason Calacanis last night after dinner.

Now I’m sure some of you want me to launch into a full on tirade ripping him apart, but I have to say Jason was actually a pretty nice guy to have dinner with. Others at the the event were Loren Feldman of 1938 media, Michelle Oshen, BL Ochman, Bryan Eisenberg and about 40 other people, most of whom I didn’t know. So what’s Jason really like … he’s a polite, intelligent, funny, articulate and confident person. He’s actually a pretty hard guy not to like. Now don’t go thinking I went all soft bedazzled by some A-List blogebrity, because he’s clearly a bit delusional thinking Google has the right to determine policy in the business marketplace, but he is a fun guy to hang with. If you’re still hung up on his trash talkin’ “SEO is bullshit” you need move past it …

What was also interesting is the entire event was publicized almost entirely through facebook. No press releases, no fancy PR people, just the power of social media to connect people … that friends is something you might want to think about …

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