Risks, Apologies and Learning From Your Mistakes

If you were paying attention, late last week you saw a guest post that published Thursday night. This was an interesting post, as it provided some in-the-trenches, first-hand analysis of a website that was ranking and why. However, the downside was that this analysis named a specific website, where/how they where getting links and ranking, and crossed the line. It’s … [Continue reading Risks, Apologies and Learning From Your Mistakes]

What I Read and How I Read It

While I may be on the leading edge of consumption trends (translation: I’m a spoiled geek who likes new shiny gadgets), I think it’s important to understand how things work and how they might look to the public at large in a few years.

The SEO Community – A Tale of Friends and Scorpions

This is a post that may anger you and piss you off, but hopefully it makes you think a little. But I think a lot of the people in the SEO community are short sighted and are willing to sacrifice themselves and the community as whole if they see the chance to get a link or exposure. Much like the … [Continue reading The SEO Community – A Tale of Friends and Scorpions]

My Email Inbox Reduction Experiment

So this summer Matt decided to try biking to work for 30 days, Quadszilla tried blogging for 30 days, both worth while endeavors but I was looking for something to do that had value that would last longer than the 30 days … so I decided to reduce my inbox.

Dear Michael Arrington Please Save Techcrunch Before it’s Too Late

The following is an open letter to Michael Arrington owner of  Techcrunch.com, you still have a chance to save Techcrunch before it’s too late.

Philip Rosedale From Second Life on Information Retrieval

The following is a video from Philip Rosedale of Second Life speaking at TED. From a search engine and information retrieval perspective the video get interesting at about minute 9:00 . He poses the thought that things are going to change that the text web will eventually be replaced by imagery and symbology in virtual worlds. Also interesting is his … [Continue reading Philip Rosedale From Second Life on Information Retrieval]

So Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Up To

Blogging’s been a little lighter than usual the past few weeks as I was getting caught up, but now that my heads back above water, the regular blogging should kick back in. Also by special arrangement I’ll be blogging weekly-ish over on DIR Journals you can check out my first post Tips for Optimizing for Universal Search: Video. Also you … [Continue reading So Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Up To]

FlyClear Discount Code

Flyclear Discount Code Clear Discount Code DSCAM12013314

Untapped Niches and the Mile High Club

On my flight to the SMX Search Marketing Conference the stewardess made this announcement over the PA system … “Do we have any newlyweds, married couples or lovers on board … (some passengers raise hands) I’d like to remind you that the bathrooms are single occupancy rooms, so please wait till you land and get a hotel room, thanks …”

USAToday and Forbes How to Screw up a Good Idea

So I’m cruising through my reader this AM and come across this piece on USA Today Hottest shows in Las Vegas. Lots of blah balh copy, but what I really want to see is the list of the 10 shows. Inside the middle of the article I follow the link to the slide show (yes slide show in the anchor … [Continue reading USAToday and Forbes How to Screw up a Good Idea]

How to Not Write a Page Title

Am I the only one who finds a significant amount of irony in the title of this story: Changing of the Guard: How Dan Pulcrano Became The Point Man in the Historic March From Old Media to the New World Online link If it’s all about new media how about you write a title with a search engine in mind … [Continue reading How to Not Write a Page Title]

Privacy and Security Aren’t Opposites and Google as Tool

You know I speak against the Google machine a lot, sure some of it is good theatre, but deep down our Google overlords and the church of google can get two powerful. Here’s and article from wired that knock it out of the park: You can see it in comments by government officials: “Privacy no longer can mean anonymity,” says … [Continue reading Privacy and Security Aren’t Opposites and Google as Tool]

Jason Calacanis & Michael Gray

Probably pretty high on the list of pictures you never thought you’d see but there’s a picture of me with Jason Calacanis last night after dinner.

Hi, this is a cellphone…

Hi, this is a cellphone Jott. Click here to listen Powered by Jott

Creating the Ultimate Personal Hub and Nerve Center

Last week I was reading Steve Rubel’s turning Gmail into your personal hub and nerve center. If you haven’t read them I suggest that you do they are actually very helpful and insightful ways of thinking and using many of the tools available to you today. The problem is however many of his solutions include third party apps and workarounds … [Continue reading Creating the Ultimate Personal Hub and Nerve Center]

Blogrush … But Wait There’s More

I’ve been reading about Blogrush all weekend, and sorry I’m gonna call it as I see it. This looks like a late night informercial combined with an Amway pyramid scheme, complete with “but wait there’s more …” taglines. Don’t believe me check out the video below …

What You Should Learn from Rand Fishkin

You can learn lots of things reading the SEOMoz Blog, I do and it’s one of the few SEO blogs I still subscribe to, but this weekend I was reminded of two things I thought I share with you.

Personal Account Representative With No Last Name

I just got an email from a company I like and have been using for years. The email Tells me that I have a new personal account representative. However not giving me the persons last name anywhere in the email they just sent me, is somehow less than believable. The only thing that does is make me think you got … [Continue reading Personal Account Representative With No Last Name]

Blogging and Paper Clips

I was reading two posts yesterday that you would think were completely unconnected, however were really amazingly close in concept.

Using Social Media to Spot Trends

One of the often overlooked aspects of social media is that it can often be seen a pointer for developing and emerging trends.