Dear Matt Cutts, Will You Please Stop Waking Up My Wife in Bed

Dear Matt Cutts, will you please stop waking up my wife in bed! Ok, sure, I’m having a bit of fun. Matt Cutts isn’t really stopping by my house, and I certainly hope he’s not in my bedroom. He is, however, waking up my wife … or, more correctly, his webmaster central YouTube videos are …

In late 2008, you will notice Matt slowed down his blogging pace and switched over to making videos. While these videos, like the one embedded below, are great and helpful, they do lack one essential element: a transcription….

Since this started happening well over a year ago, why am I complaining about it now?  One simple reason. Thanks to the iPad, my consumption habits have changed dramatically. The iPad is my computing device of preference. I prefer writing on it, I prefer reading on it, I prefer consuming on it. In fact, if it weren’t for ajaxy forms like those on Hootsuite, Twitter, and WordPress, I’d never use my MacBook pro.

But back to my problem. I prefer to read on the iPad and, like most iPad users, I read early in the morning or late at night.

iPad Usage by Hour of the Day

When I come across Matt’s latest new video, I’m forced to consume the content the only way it’s available: in audio/video WITHOUT TRANSCRIPTION. Sure, I hear some of you saying, “Dude! Just put on a set of headphones.” But you’ve missed the point. There I am, wearing my pj’s and curled up in my lazy-boy recliner (yes really), reading quietly, and BAM!  the audio of Matt Cutts barges in my bedroom. It’s all very unsettling.

So what’s the point here? If you put out audio/video content, put it out with a transcription. Number one, it allows a person to consume whichever version he or she prefers,  either the audio or text version. Number two, it allows a person to consume it faster: most people read faster than they talk. Number three, it gives the search engines something to index.

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