Is Matt Mullenweg of WordPress Playing Favorites with Commercial Themes

UPDATED: See End of Post A few weeks ago Matt Mullenweg of WordPress threatened to take Thesis Developer Chris Pearson to court over his not supporting the GPL Licence. Fortunately they were able to works things out, a lawsuit was averted, and everything got back to normal … except that Matt Mullenweg might have started to use the commercial resources … [Continue reading Is Matt Mullenweg of WordPress Playing Favorites with Commercial Themes]

Local Search Interview Update

Due to some production issues I made some adjustments to the local search interview series, I added two more interviews, and we may get a third by friday.

Crunchbait … or How to Be a Sucker on the Internet

It’s hard to imagine that if you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any length of time, that you aren’t familiar with the concept of linkbait. Since most of you are part of the Generation X/Generation Y crowd, and supposedly aren’t easily fooled by “the media”, it’s inconceivable that so many of you took the bait and fell the latest … [Continue reading Crunchbait … or How to Be a Sucker on the Internet]

Jason Calacanis Please Stop Bad Mouthing SEO’s Because You Won’t Take the Time to Work With Good One’s

Ok so Jason Calacanis is talking smack about bad SEO’s again and I think it’s time to clear the air. First of all if you want to talk to SEO’s and good one’s go to an SEO conference not a web 2.0 conference. I don’t know who spoke there and really don’t care, but if you want the best advice … [Continue reading Jason Calacanis Please Stop Bad Mouthing SEO’s Because You Won’t Take the Time to Work With Good One’s]

Helping Google Build a Better Bookmarking Tool

A lot of the time I’m pretty critical of Google, and while I may not agree with everything they do, or every agenda they push, there is no denying that have made the web a better place, and have provided us with some really helpful tools. One of the areas that they have missed the mark on is bookmarks, off … [Continue reading Helping Google Build a Better Bookmarking Tool]

Local and Mobile Local Search

Moderator: Brad Geddes Speakers: Warren Kay, Director, Emerging Products, Yahoo! Steven Stern Jake Baillie, President, Doug Perlson, Chief Operating Officer, Seevast

Blogging for Attention

If you’re a regular reader you probably know I’m a big advocate of using pen names. Whether it’s to fulfill people’s impression of who a blogging author might be, or building a more intriguing “character” , if it makes it more interesting, I just do it. You may also remember my post When A Pen Name Backfires where this actually … [Continue reading Blogging for Attention]

What I Miss About Not Working at Google

I’m a curious person, I like to experiment, try new things, read and learn. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my permanent record or report card since I graduated high school 374th out of 400. You also wouldn’t know it looking at my college transcripts because I tried going to college twice and dropped out both times, but believe … [Continue reading What I Miss About Not Working at Google]

Google Analytics Broken

Hey Google analytics did you guys monkey with something cause it’s not working in FF. I can’t change dates, I can’t drill down on search engines, I can’t do a contains search on the keywords page what’s the deal? Anybody else having a problem?

Easytweets Review

I get to see a lot of twitter products and software, some of it in beta version before launch, some of it just after launch. Truth be told most of them suck and only do one thing really well. Seeing how twitter has become an essential part of most websites’ marketing plans, it’s really hard to get behind a product … [Continue reading Easytweets Review]

Gmail Is it Big Enough

So I’ve been living in a brand new Gmail account for almost a month now, and I’ve grown used to it but I, see a problem on the horizon I’m going to run out of space.

Profits Murdered By Google Adwords

There’s been quite a bit of noise in the SEM space about some of the recent changes made by the Google Adwords Quality Score. I thought it might be interesting to take a more in depth look at some of my site statistics.

Sandbox and Pagerank

If you read any of the forums you’ve probably heard murmurings of PR update underway. Actually this ties in quite nicely with some sandbox phenomenon I’ve been seeing for quite a while. Usually about 2 to 4 weeks before a pagerank update goes public sites start popping out of the sandbox ( see Peek-a-Boo in the Sandbox).

Building Linkbait Outside of the Box

While everyone concentrates on content linkbait one thing many people over look is physical linkbait.

Using Others Content as Linkbait

Perfect of example of how to take someone’s else’s content recycle and repackage it into an awesome piece of linkbait that’s actually useful. Geek to Live: Lifehacker Pack

Did Matt Cutts Expose a Hole in Digg

Last week Matt Cutts made a post about how to connect your Linux computer to a Wii balance board using Bluetooth. This post happened to make the Digg homepage, however what was really interesting is the way he did it, which has exposed an exploitable hole in Digg.

Testing the OOP

Just for kicks let’s see what happenes for [Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic serps] with this post on [Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic]

Why You Should Be Worried About Google Search Wiki

I’ve been beating the drum about why personaized search and google’s search wiki are bad since their rollout. Even though I understand why google does it, and get that why they push it’s adoption. But I still think it’s a bad idea, and late last week I saw an example of why it’s bad and dangerous, and why it’s something … [Continue reading Why You Should Be Worried About Google Search Wiki]

Oddities From the Latest Google Update

Man the latest update on Google is clearly showing some odd stuff. For example on one domain I own it says the site isn’t in google at all. If I do a site: search on the domain I get 300+ pages but everything except one is in supplemental. If I look back at the page with the highest pagerank for … [Continue reading Oddities From the Latest Google Update]

Hewlett Packard Giving Away Free Templates With Embedded Links

Seems the giving away free templates with embedded keyword rich links has filtered up to the fortune 500 level as Hewlett Packard released a series of free templates today