Blogher 2009 Looking for Speakers

Blogher announced they are looking for speakers, looking for ideas for sessions and speaker nominations. I’m not sure why they can’t just say “call for speakers” like everyone else but hey that’s their thing not mine.

Anywho if you know of someone who you think should be speaking at the Blogher conference or have an idea for a session you want them to cover, use one of these two email addresses below :

Email both me ([email protected]) and our new full-time Conference Programming Manager Jes Ferris ([email protected]) and tell us the following:
– Who you are and why you want to speak
– Which of our tracks you’d like to participate in, and your experience/expertise/knowledge/perspective about that subject
– Specific links that highlight that experience/expertise/knowledge/perspective
– Your contact information and a link to your blog(s)
– Who else you think should be contributing

In case you missed it I went and upset the apple cart last year with my post Is the BlogHer Conference Guilty of Sex Discrimination you should also read Blogher’s response.

So do you know anyone who you think would make an interesting and thought provinking speaker at Blogher  in 2009, if you do be sure to let them know who and why …

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