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So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past week, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new website The idea behind Viral Conversations is putting business owners who have a product or service, in touch with bloggers who are interested in reviewing it. The difference between this website and other website review services is Viral Conversations only deals with real world tangible products.

Hopefully most of the questions you have will be answered in the FAQ, but I’ll answer a few here as well:

  • This is not a paid linking service, bloggers who write reviews are NOT required to link to merchant websites.
  • Agencies can use the service for their clients.
  • You don’t have to be the sole manufacturer of a product

We’ve tried to answer almost everything in the FAQ, but we’ll add to it as needed.

Ideally we like to see this service used for a wide variety of products and services. We’d love to see the service being used to provide reviews like Dave Taylor did for Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE. We’d love to see car dealers invite bloggers over to test drive a new car, invite bloggers to spend the night at a bed and breakfast, or see bloggers give reviews of fashion items like handbags.

To make sure we are dealing only with reputable merchants, we are reviewing everyone before they are allowed to use the system. There is a non refundable review fee of $75, but we have lowered it to $49 for the site launch. The base price for a self serve campaign is normally $249, but we’ve made it free through December, it’s all in the FAQ.

Bloggers who are interested in doing reviews and possibly getting free products, can subscribe via RSS or email and be notified when new offers become available. To kick things off we’ve got some review copies of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Reality Check we are giving away. If you’d like to be considered head on over to the offer for more info. We’re also starting a private network of bloggers who are interested in receiving exclusive offers not open to the general public. If you have a blog that been around for at least 6 months and at least 500 subscribers, apply on our blogger sign-up form.

In addition we’re also writing articles that are focussed on viral and word of mouth realted topics and subjects. You can see all of them in the articles section of the blog and check out the first one Turning Customers in Salesmen With Word of Mouth Marketing by yours truly.

If you know of any website owners or merchants who might be interested, or who could use the service please let them know. If you know of any bloggers who are interested in doing reviews in exchange for products let them know. If you wanted to mention my new service on your blog or on twitter I’d totally be your best friend … for life 🙂

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