Reputation Management – Case Study, Part I

Since my experiment in reputation management is actually getting much more interesting than I planned I thought I should go back and do a proper writeup.

MSN AdCenter Invites

Ok if you’re looking for an invite to get into the MSN Adcenter drop something in the comments I still have about 6 left to go around. First come, first served.

MSN AdCenter Review

Oilman has a review of the MSN AdCenter up. I finnally managed to sign in, my review will be somewhat less enthusiastic. Thanks to comments from one of my readers I found out you can’t sign up when you are using firefox, you need to use IE. BIG MISTAKE!!! This set the tone for my whole interaction They have an … [Continue reading MSN AdCenter Review]

Personalized Search and My Niece

My niece who is really a wonderful sweet little girl, has a very small menu of acceptable foods. She will eat cheerios, pancakes, or eggs (scrambled only) for breakfast. For lunch and dinner the list of acceptable foods includes mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, steak, hot dogs, French fries and one or two other things that escape me at the … [Continue reading Personalized Search and My Niece]

Optimal Titles: SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: Optimal Title Structure Experiment: To determine what the optimal structure is for a title soley for page ranking. Hypothesis: Page titles are one the most important on page ranking factors, and achieving the best layout will help a page rank for it’s desired phrase. I believe that that [Keyword Phrase : Title] will rank higher than any … [Continue reading Optimal Titles: SEO Case Study]

SEO Case Study: Outbound Links

SEO Case Study: Outbound Links Experiment: To determine if outbound links help a page rank for a term hypothesis: By linking out to other websites you improve your “hub score” and become a resource for a particular search term (see Hilltop algorithm). Background: One of the questions that gets asked fairly frequently in search engine forums is do outbound links … [Continue reading SEO Case Study: Outbound Links]